Phase Seminars Professional Hearing Aid Sales Education & Training

Phase Seminars Professional Hearing Aid Sales Education & Training

Hearing Aid Sales Education & Training is available to apprentices in the hearing aid profession through Phase Seminars. The training is delivered by hearing aid professionals who have been active in their fields of expertise for many years. You can benefit from their experience and professionalism by attending this dynamic seminar.  This vital information will also help you increase your income and enhance your professionalism in the field of hearing loss and the fitting of hearing aids. The seminar takes place in a comfortable environment where you will have the opportunity to network with others in the hearing aid industry, and enhance your learning even further.  

In order to assist HFD & Apprentices in obtaining CEU’s more readily, PHASE Seminars, LLC now offers CEU courses monthly at our newly expanded facilities located at 301 Dallas Drive, Suites 125-127 in Denton, Texas.

These courses are core subjects geared for Apprentices and Licensed Dispensers / Specialists. The courses are also approved with the International Hearing Society (IHS) and qualify for (NBC-HIS) certificate holders. Classes are on-site, in a classroom setting, and from a Non-Manufacturer standpoint.

Classes are held monthly and seating is limited to 12 attendees. Interaction is more one-on-one. Luncheon Meals are provided. Hotel accommodation is available at various hotels in the Denton area. We have a contracted preferential rate with SpringHill Suites by Marriott at 1434 Centre Place, Denton, TX. $124/night


TDLR Course Reference Course Description CEU’s
TX-149-19-001  Professionalism & Ethics 2
TX-149-19-002  Personality Types & Their Effect On Your Sales Outcomes 2
TX-149-19-003  Video Otoscopy & Cerumen Management in Dispensing Practice 3
TX-149-19-004  Tinnitus & Amplification 2
TX-149-19-005  Anatomy & Physiology of The Auditory System 4
TX-149-19-006  Mastering Hearing Instrument Fittings & Post Fit Appointments 3
TX-149-19-007  Tympanometry With Introduction to Acoustic Reflex 4
TX-149-19-008  The Middle Ear Audiogram? Anatomy, Disorders & Treatments 4
TX-149-19-009  The 12 Step Closing Process & Handling Objections 3
TX-149-19-010  Fitting Methods & Real Ear Measurement
TX-149-19-011  Advance Video Otoscopy Biomarker Assessment Workshop
TX-149-19-012  Indiana Jones & The Lost Art of Tuning Fork Testing
TX-149-19-013  Hearing Aid Orientation – More Than “Stick It In Your Ear”
TX-149-19-014  WOW, Your Patient? Quick & Effective Hearing Aid Demonstration
TX-149-19-015  Common Clinical Encounters
TX-149-19-016  Digital Noise Reduction & Directional Microphones & Compression
TX-149-19-017  Keeping Your Memory For Life
TX-149-19-018  How To Give Dazzling Presentations In Your Community
TX-149-19-019  Masking
TX-149-19-020  Professional Networking 1
IHS/NBC-HIS Course Reference Course Description CEU’s
CEN-288-19 Tympanometry With Introduction to Acoustic Reflex 4
CEN-289-19 Professionalism & Ethics  2
CEN-290-19 Anatomy & Physiology of The Auditory System 3.5
CEN-291-19 Video Otoscopy & Cerumen Management in The Dispensing Practice 2.75
CEN-292-19 Personality Types & Their Effect on Sales Outcomes 1.25
CEN-293-19 Mastering Hearing Instrument Fittings & Post Fitting Visits 2
CEN-294-19 The Middle Ear Audiogram. Anatomy, Disorders & Treatments 4
CEN-295-19 The 12 Step Closing Process & Handling Objections 3

CEU Weekend Workshops for 2019

Each weekend workshop will offer 12 CEU’s. The Ethics, Cerumen Mgt., and Personality & Anatomy courses will rotate every other month. Cost:  $30.00 per CEU.

January COMPLETED May SOLD OUT September 27-28
February COMPLETED June 14-15 October 25-26
March 22-23 July 19-20 November 22-23
April 26-27 August 23-24 December 13-14

March 2019 Weekend CEU Workshop Course Agenda

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Course Presenters

IHS & TDLR Approved


Please CONTACT US if you would like to participate in the next event.