Phase Seminars LLC Courses 2019

Continuing Education Courses Offered By Phase Seminars 2019

Continuing Education for Hearing Instrument Fitters and Dispensers

Phase Seminars offers full accredited continuing education for hearing instrument fitters and dispensers in Dallas Texas. Here is the list of courses offered in 2019.

Course referenceCourse descriptionCEU’s
TX-149-19-001 / IHS CEN-289-19Professionalism & Ethics2 / 2
TX-149-19-002 / IHS CEN-292-19Personality Types & Their Effect On Your Sales Outcomes2 / 1.25
TX-149-19-003 / IHS CEN-291-19Video Otoscopy & Cerumen Management in Dispensing Practice3 / 2.75
TX-149-19-004Tinnitus & Amplification2
TX-149-19-005 / IHS CEN-290-19Anatomy & Physiology of The Auditory System4 / 3.5
TX-149-19-006 / IHS CEN-293-19Mastering Hearing Instrument Fittings & Post Fit Visits3 / 2
TX-149-19-007 / IHS CEN-288-19Tympanometry With Introduction to Acoustic Reflex4 / 4
TX-149-19-008 / IHS CEN-294-19The Middle Ear Audiogram? Anatomy, Disorders & Treatments4 / 4
TX-149-19-009 / IHS CEN-295-19The 12 Step Closing Process & Handling Objections3 / 3
TX-149-19-010Fitting Methods & Real Ear Measurement
TX-149-19-011Advanced Video Otoscopy Biomarker Assessment Workshop
TX-149-19-012Indiana Jones & The Lost Art of Tuning Fork Testing
TX-149-19-013Hearing Aid Orientation – More Than “Stick It In Your Ear”
TX-149-19-014WOW, Your Patient? Quick & Effective Hearing Aid Demonstration
TX-149-19-015Common Clinical Encounters
TX-149-19-016Digital Noise Reduction & Directional Microphones & Compression
TX-149-19-017Keeping Your Memory For Life
TX-149-19-018How To Give Dazzling Presentations In Your Community
TX-149-19-020Professional Networking1
TX-149-19-021Serving Those With Severe Hearing Impairment: Breaking Down the Barriers3
TX-149-19-022The Auditory Cortex & Neurophysiology: Practical Applications3