Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand

Contributing Partner

dr max chartrandDoctor Chartrand has worked in the hearing healthcare field in dispensing, manufacturing, research, and education for more than 35 years, and is author of several textbooks dedicated to training hearing healthcare professionals of all disciplines. He is also professor and consultant in Behavioral Medicine, and serves as Chair on doctoral research committees.

He serves on the advisory committees to the American Tinnitus Association, Better Hearing Institute, Audiology Online, and is a professional member of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. In 1994, he was recipient of the Joel S. Wernick Excellence in Education Award.

At age 3 he became severely hearing impaired and later profoundly deaf. He utilized hearing aid and assistive technology for many years until cochlear implant technology and assistive devices were advanced enough to accommodate his profound deafness.

So, he brings a consumer, research, and hearing professional perspective to the field. His background is particularly insightful on the topic of the psychosocial and psychological influences in the hearing aid market, and in counseling hearing impaired individuals for more positive responses in whether or not to take advantage of hearing technology.

Early in 2013 Vincent Yero, CEO and Executive Director of PHASE Seminars, approached Dr. Chartrand with the idea of becoming a primary contributor at PHASE Seminars, to augment and diversify online continuing education  to hearing healthcare practitioners (especially  for those in Texas).  In tandem with this approach; Vincent asked Dr. Chartrand to be a resource for training up new professionals coming into the field of dispensing hearing instruments and technology to broaden the  scope and science of practice. He heartily agreed.

Both men share  a similar philosophy and vision, that there has never been a time that communicative options and amplification technologies have been more accessible, more attractive, and more affordable than they are today. They agree on their findings  that the market has grown exponentially faster than the industry’s ability to accommodate it. That means each and every one of you are more needed in this field, to educate, motivate, and serve a fast growing market of hearing impaired individuals.

Dr. Chartrand’s current course contributions:

  • “Alzheimer’s and Hearing Loss- A New Paradigm in Hearing Health”
  • “Ethics & Professionalism in Dispensing”
  • “Resolving Own Voice Complaints In Dispensing Practice”.
  • Multimodal Tinnitus Management”

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