Licence Preparation

Get prepared for your State Licensing exam.

The LICENSE PREP  is a two day (16 hours) pre-licensing course designed to be taken just before sitting for a state licensing review board practical exam to get you ready to pass your exam with flying colors!

This course covers all areas of practicum requirements including:

  • Biological Audiometer Performance Check
  • Audiometer Calibration
  • Sound Level Meter use and Ambient Room Measurements
  • Masking Procedures
  • Otoscopy Protocols
  • Role-play, set-up guidelines
  • Infection Control and Sanitation Procedures
  • Directions for Earphones and Bone Conductor Placement for Pure tone tests
  • Proper Test procedures and Frequency Sequencing.

Additionally, instructions on Proper Procedures for Live and Recorded Speech Audiometry Tests.

Students will learn meanings and relationships involving:  PTA, MCL, UCL, SRT Tests.

Masking: When and how to Mask and How to make a good Ear Impression and more.

The course is an in-person training covers your lodging for 2 nights.  Nicely packaged at: $749  includes Continental Breakfast, Coffee/Refreshment breaks, Luncheon and Afternoon break.